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[ILLUSTRATION] Felideus Bubastis

First page of "The Automatic Forest",an illustration book by Felideus Bubastis

Felideus Bubastis, now that's a name that announces this isn't your usual illustrator, but then again each artist has a different vision. Felideus Bubastis is a Madrid-based art director, graphic designer, animator and audiovisual screenwriter. He's been working lately as a freelance illustrator, label designer and writer. He won a bunch of awards, Ignotus award for best illustrator in 2011 and 2008, and best comic book in 2008.

Beer art-label for italian artisan beer factory "Buskers Beer".


Part of a digipak painted and designed for the new album of italian band Tristema, "Dove tutto è possibile".

Book project The Crows' Parliament

Beer art-label for italian artisan beer factory "Buskers Beer".

book project The Crows´ Parliament
See more illustration by Felideus Bubastis here

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