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[PHOTOGRAPHY] New Year's Eve Fireworks: Sydney, Australia welcomes 2013

The best part about New Year's Eve parties are without a question the fireworks! Every city, every event organizer goes to extreme lengths to put on the best fireworks ever, the brightest, most colorful and amazing you've ever seen. All across the world, from China to UK, US and Brazil, everybody gets their share of champagne, good cheer and New Year fireworks. 

The breathtaking show of fireworks that color the night sky in dozens of hues, shapes and sparkles is simply mesmerizing. We took a look at 2013's New Year fireworks and we are now presenting Sydney's welcoming of the new year through the camera lenses of unknown artists.

In Sydney, fireworks have a special kind of appeal. For 2013, there were two pyrotechnic displays prepared to mesmerize the one billion people watching the show on television. This year's theme was named "Embrace", being dedicated to "acceptance and tolerance, the past and the future, warmth and love". 

Kylie Minogue hosted Sydney's New Year's Eve fireworks celebration for about 1.5 million people that came to the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to see a pyrotechnic show worth $6.6 million.

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