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If you'd ask the average art lover of today who is their favorite artist, you'd be surprised how many will answer Louis Wain. And it's not because they share a love for cats. Although not even half as popular as Salvador Dali, the British artist Louis Wain brings something new to the table. His intricate illustrations, so psychedelic way before the 60s, go way beyond his "fanciful cat creations". In 1924 he was officially diagnosed with schizophrenia and oftentimes had aggressive, abusive and even violent episodes.
However, despite his mental disorder, Louis Wain continued to draw. It was soon after being committed into a hospital that he created the kaleidoscope cats, that ranged from amazing and intricate geometric patterns to intense colored geometric fragments. He died in 1939.

before the schizophrenia diagnosis

after the schizophrenia diagnosis

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