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[PAINTING] [COLLAGE] Damien Hirst Real Butterflies Canvases

Damien Hirst posing in front of his butterfly painting "I Am Become Death, Shatterer of Worlds"

English artist Damien Hirst has always been under scrutiny from animal rights advocators, but his latest exhibit at The Tate Modern museum has PETA activists enraged. The artist killed 9,000 butterflies, or left to die naturally in an enclosed transparent room. Both the museum and the artist explain the butterflies were of species known to live longer.

Leaving that aside, Damien Hirst's butterflies canvases are amazing intricate works. The kind that leaves you mesmerized the more you look into it. Still, some of the paintings are actually made of real dead butterflies caught in the paint.

"You paint the walls white, and then life comes in and fucks it up. Like minimal paintings that have been fucked up by butterflies landing in paint" Damien Hirst.

 Butterfly painting
 I Am Become Death, Shatterer of Worlds
The Explosion

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