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[PAINTING] Rod Davis

Depth Charge

Rod Davis is a painter based in Southern Spain. He first started painting during his childhood years and talks about his paintings to be "expressions of the moment". Rod Davis uses splashes of color and hints of shapes to "convey a sense of freedom, space & my own internal journeys".
Updated June 21th, 2014 changed artwork at artist request.
(Depth Charge II - Arrival)
67cm x 45cm
The Wait Enshrined 
Acrylic on canvas
The Propeller

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  1. I am the artist Rod Davis and I have not given permission for my works to be shown here. They do not reflect the art I would wish to publicly show and I wish them to be removed. (I can find no way of directly contacting the site managers).

  2. Hello Rod.
    Thank you for your feedback and thank you for visiting.
    I did not intend to offend you. I just selected what I liked from your works. Since I found them online I thought you knew these works were already publicized. If you'd like to have a presence on this blog, please indicate with links to this post what other works you'd like to see from your portfolio. If you'd like to discontinue your presence here permanently please let me know with a comment down the page.

    I like to bee as transparent as possible with my readers, so all comments will remain public, I will however update the content of this post and mention this. You can also contact me via the Facebook page Art for your Wallpaper

  3. OK. Thank you for the reply Monica. I wasn't expecting one so that is a bonus.Yep, I realise that they are online. I am not sure where you found the art (it could be from some old art site whose account has long since been cancelled) but for at least the past three years the ONLY site on which I 'promote' them is 'paintingsilove' - if there is anything else out there it should not be. Ok, if there is no monetary gain for anyone in publicizing my art here I am ok with it being shown ..... even though the definition/quality of the images is not good.... as much to do with the original photo as anything else. In terms of my art the following are the only paintings I would want shown here, (the rest are test beds for other formats which I'll probably end up removing from the web), ; 1.'Depth Charge' (an explantion of it's intention can be found on 'paintingsilove' and the following four paintings form a progression of its idea).....2.'Mindfall' 3.'The Wait Enshrined', 4.'The Seedwalker', 5.'The Propellor'. As individual concepts I'd be ok with 'Lost Horizons' & 'Disturbing the Piece' also being displayed. Thanks for the reply Monica.Regards Rod Davis

    1. Hi Rod,
      I chose this resolution specifically to protect your work, so if anyone wants the large print will have to search and buy your work . I will update the post within the next days with the recommended posts.


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