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[PAINTING] Donato Giancola

Donato Giancola  has successfully blended together science fiction, fantasy and the classics into a special kind of artwork. It's a journey through time, fantasy realms, art history and the classic cultural symbols of the world.

"From J.R.R. Tolkiens' 'The Lord of the Rings' to Botticellis' 'La Primivera', Donato Giancola balances modern concepts with realism in his paintings to bridge the worlds of contemporary and historical figurative arts. His influences encompass visits to the local library and book stores as well as pilgrimages to the greatest of museums - including the Uffizzi, Prado, Louvre and Hermitage. 

Donato recognizes the significant cultural role played by visual art and makes personal efforts to contribute to the expansion and appreciation of oil painting that extend beyond his clients and exhibits. To those ends, the artist teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and appears at various institutions, seminars, and conventions, from San Diego to Rome to Moscow, where he performs demonstrations in oil paint and lectures on his aesthetics." source

See more artwork by Donato Giancola here

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