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La Persistencia de la Memoria Dali, 2011
Travelers in Time Series
As much as landscape and nature photography are impressive, there's nothing like a serious critique on society's morale and culture to refresh our perspective of the world. Lluís Barba uses popular artwork and Hollywood's A-list to critique the art world, the contemporary society and the values both promote. He uses the likes of Paris Hilton to Lady Gaga and Brad Pitt and the almost voyeuristic interest of common people in them. 

The artist explains his choice in popular artwork:
"Rembrandt: Gives us a clear dark, so useful in photography as in the film.
Leonardo: He set the foundation for what we now call multimedia artista contemporary sure if I would be working with new technologies
Duchamp: His contribution was the untying of objects and characters out of context, and turned them into conceptual or artistic objects.
Mondrian: Helped us to understand, because a work is well structured from the formal point of view, his theory of mass volume and color."
The parable of the blind, Pieter Brueghel, 2010
Travelers in Time Series

Frida Kalho, 2011, Portrait Series
Copyright © Lluis Barba / Dean Project
Golconde. René Magritte, 2009
Travelers in Time Series
René Magritte, 2012
© Lluis Barba / Dean Project

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