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[Flower Art] [Flower Mandalas] by Portia Munson

Portia Munson works in a range of media including installation, painting, photography and sculpture but I've got to say I love her most for her beautiful flower mandalas. She made these using a scanner like a large-format camera on which she placed flowers directly on top. Enlarging the image brings out the perfection and amazing texture of flowers.

Artist Statement
"I began creating flower images in 2002 after the death of a favorite person left me pondering the fleeting lives of flowers and people. While walking in my garden images of flower arrays came to me. I imagined flower mandalas that were reminiscent of suzanies from Uzbekistan and the vivid garlands of fresh blossoms I had seen used as religious offerings in Thailand. Using the mandala, the circular form that in Eastern religions represents the universe, I meticulously arrange flowers from the garden into combinations of color and form that exaggerate the vibrancy of both. Sometimes I slice into buds and append blossoms onto one another. As with all my work, a closer look at the subject reveals hidden secrets – in this case, the flowers’ hairy, sticky, or poisonous parts; pollen; seeds; and the occasional insect... Every flower mandala is unique to a moment in time, represents what is in bloom on the day I made it."

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