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[ILLUSTRATION] T.S. Spookytooth

 Brian: How did you get started illustrating on a professional level?

T.S Spookytooth: After graduating from university, it was somewhat of a slow birth into the world of commercial illustration. It took time for me to fully realise my style and feel that I was happy with the work that I was producing and to allow it to be seen. I submitted a handful of images to be included in an exhibition of illustration and was accepted. From there, I was spotted by my agent who offered me representation and my first commercial commission swiftly followed; Scholastic Publishers commissioned me to illustrate some witches for an educational magazine and I haven’t looked back since.

How would you describe your style?

A tough one and a question that never fails to short circuit the brain whenever I’m asked it. You’d think by now that I’d be an expert at selling myself in a succinct few adjectives. I’m definitely a fan of the macabre and the dark. You could say that I’m more at home sketching the view from inside the cemetery than the view from a flower strewn hill.
What tools do you use and what is your process?

I always start with a series of quick thumbnails to establish composition and content, eventually one of these inevitably feels right and gets worked up into a final sketch with as much detail as possible. If I’m lucky everything survives from this sketch into the final art which is light-boxed and then rendered in acrylics. I don’t create colour roughs as I feel it takes the fun and spontaneity away from a piece. I’ve recently started experimenting with digital elements as well, which adds another dimension to my work and keeps things fresh.

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