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[PAINTING] by Kazuki Takamatsu - Depth map & gouache paintings

 "Kazuki Takamatsu is a Japanese artist whose world is coming out of a fairy tale. But this fairy tale is not like the others. Dark and violent stories where floating melancholic childish figures are either in despair either in possession of lethal killing machines. Little melancholic lolitas posing with innocence create an atmospheric mystic world.

Kazuki Takamatsu mixes traditional and modern techniques. On the one hand his works are gouache paintings (1) depicting three-dimensional objects and figures, whilst on the other hand he uses “Depth Map” (2) a technique where every pixel on the object he paints is a shade of gray that is proportional to its distance from the viewer. The match of these two techniques give a real sense of surrealism and astonishing depth.”


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