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 Born in Paris in 1969, Fabrice Lavollay comes to Brussels in 1991 to follow Plastic Arts studies at St Luke Institute. Ex-Artistic director of Science Fiction Magazine (french version), graphic designer and above all illustrator

for several publishing houses, he has been responsible for numerous front covers of novels (by the autors such as Graham Masterton, Poppy Z. Brite, John Saul or Robert Mc Cammon), magazines  and cd covers.
Developing a dark, strange and often offbeat universe, he devotes himself to a more and more personal work you could discover during exhibitions in some galleries and festivals…The Last Rites Gallery (New York), The Conference Room Gallery (Los Angeles), Knak Art Gallery (Dresden), Interiora Festival (Rome), Mad Musée (Liège) , Cantada II (Paris), Contemporary Art Centre (Flémalle-Belgium),…etc…

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